The Author

My name is Fatbardh KRAJA, born in 1983 in Shkodra, Albania.

I graduated in German and Jurisprudence studies in Shkoder, Albania and Hamburg, Germany. During my studies I have been drawn to such fields as: Phonetics, Comparative language, Quantitative linguistics, etc. I also practiced Aikido, Karate and Taekwondo in Albania and Germany.

Many members of my family have made a name for themselves in painting, calligraphy and language studies, so that at a young age their work has persuaded me to study myself different scripts and acquire many of them. At the age of 12 I started to experiment with the creation of some new writing systems.

This journey, together with the linguistics knowledge ​​and the recognition of different cultures, brought me to the identification of some problems in the Japanese writing system. To solve these problems (in 2015) I started creating a scripting system that would be most appropriate to the characteristics of the Japanese language itself. In 2018 I completed the writing system „Manjikana„, which was officially registered on 07.02.2018 at the respective copyright offices in Albania.

Currently I work as a German language teacher in Shkoder.