Aikana III

Aikana (the free writing)

It is the third level of the system. “A” and “I” are the first two letters of the alphabet. Also, the word “ai” means love or desire. This reminds people to distance themselves from the strict rules without violating them and instead, get creative with them.

In the Aikana-system three main developments are distinguished:





First Development

Here the syllables are connected in words. No matter how many they are, they all follow a vertical line, long enough to go through the entire word’s length, also building the necessary vowels for each one of them.

After creating the after image inside their head, the vertical line is firstly placed, and then the consonants and the other parts of the vowels.

This development originates from the rules of the first two levels and opens the doors for wondering.

This level reduces even more the number of lines. The example above is written with 39 lines and 83 hand movements.


Second Development

In this level syllables and words can be connected vertically and horizontally, creating enormous compositions of different forms and consistency.

After creating the after image inside their head, the main vertical and horizontal lines are placed, and then all the other elements, giving shape to each word step by step.

This level reduces even more the number of lines. The example is written with 34 lines and 73 hand movements.

In the table below there are listed the numbers for each level of the system:


Third Development

In this level people go beyond the first two developments, towards the creation of figures according to the sample text without violating the basic rules.

Let’s take the words “Hana” (flower) and “Katana” (the authentic Japanese sword) as an example. They can be written with the syllables “Ha” + “na” and “Ka” +” ta” + “na”. 

According to Nikana, these syllables can be grouped following one of the 8 schemes. In Aikana they can be written in different versions; first by connecting the vowels vertically, or by giving the written word its own shape (“Hana” in shape of a flower and “Katana” in shape of a sword, etc).




Even though the writer is totally free in managing the shapes and versions, she/he must obey an absolute rule:

In the Aikana level any content that transmits or represents any kind of negative vibe or meaning is strongly disallowed!

This level is open to everyone to contribute in creating new versions or improving the already existing ones.